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Clare and Andy
Andy and Clare Buchanan

Andy has been a member of Emmanuel since he was at university and has always been involved in the musical life of the church. His parents were missionaries in Nigeria when he was born, so concern for global mission runs deep in the family.

Clare came to Emmanuel as the Children's coordinator, fresh from Equador where she had spent several years working with children and young people. Still very involved with church life, she also spends time at St.Francis and of course, is a devoted mother to Miriam and Esther.

This year is the first occasion that both Andy and Clare have sung at a Moldova Concert.

Who are we fooling?
This song was written by Brooke Frazer and was published in an album called Flags in 2010

"This beautiful tangle that's bruising us blue
It's a beautiful knot that we just can't undo
If it's not either of us, tell me who are we fooling?"