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Kingsfolk group
Kingsfolk started to perform together for fundraising events at Emmanuel. The bright and lively style immedidately became
popular and the band were asked to play for weddings and all kinds of parties. In recent years the diary
has been very full with gigs booked almost every week-end. Many of the groups that book
Kingsfolk do so on a regular basis. The band has done the Burns Night Ceilidh at
Brighton College every year since 2009 and some churches make annual bookings
for their Harvest Barn Dances. Whilst familiar dance tunes are at the heart of what Kingsfolk does,
 there are often opportunities to entertain guests with instrumental music and songs during breaks in the dancing.
 Emma Smith frequently sings with the band and she is the soloist for the concert.

Beer Barrel Polka

This piece was composed by the Czech composer, Jaromir Vejvoda in 1927 and is sometimes known as
The Barrel Polka or Roll Out the Barrel. In Germany it is called Rosamunda. It became famous in 1939 when the
Czech people started to leave their home country following Hitler's invasion and this catchy tune was something they took with them. 
The Andrews Sisters recorded a version and it was covered by the Glenn Miller Orchestra,
Benny Goodman and Billie Holiday. It became so popular during the 2nd World War that several  European countries
claimed that it had been composed by one other their composers. Jaromir Vejvoda only became famous after the war.
During the 1970s the tune was used in advertisements for Watney's Beer, but they changed the words to 'Roll Out Red Barrel'.

I Love Paris in the Springtime
This song was written by Cole Porter and used in the musical, Can-Can in 1953. Bing Crosby recorded it the same year, but
it only became famous when Doris Day produced her Showtime album in 1960.  Since then it has been covered
by many well known singers. Ella Fitzgerald interpreted as a slow and sultry song, but Kingsfolk's performance
has been inspired by the much brighter, jazzy version by the Avalon Jazz Band.