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Miss Jones
Miss Jones and the Imposters

Anna Jones-Lead Vocal   Anna is a talented singer who just loves to perform on stage-you won’t miss the fact that Anna along co Singers Harry and Laura are a good few years younger than the rest of Imposters. All part of our youth policy Peter says ‘the good thing about Anna is that she is such a natural on stage that no one Pays any attention to the rest of us which suits us just fine-we can just get on with playing’ Anna loves music from the 60s 70s and 80s and it never ceases to surprise the other band members how Anna seems to know the old favourites better than they do!  Anna is PA to the executive and Theatre Administrator for the Bush theatre in Shepherds Bush
Peter Shortland (lead guitar) Peter played the classical guitar as a teenager but then, at the age of 14 gave up, only to start again at the age of 49.  His classical upbringing is now put to good use on an electric guitar and he is continuing to learn new tricks. Peter loves experimenting with new sounds and working with Martin is always looking to develop new sound ideas for the band. Peter is an insurance professional working in his own practice.
Tom Griffiths  Tom (bass) was the principal civil engineer for Network Rail’s Thameslink Project before retiring last year. He first picked up a guitar at age 18, and he is self-taught on guitars and bass. He listens to And plays many kinds of music including folk, rock, and worship. Peter says of Tom ‘he is one of those annoying people who can just pick up any instrument and play it’ Tom also fancies himself as a singer..but not tonight.
Laura Hickin-Vocal
Laura is a multi talented musician playing piano/keys, oboe, double bass and bass guitar as well as being able to sing quite beautifully. Tonight Laura will be backing Miss Jones on vocals
Simon Harding
Simon (drums) along with Peter Tom and Martin is one of the founding members of the Imposters and although he is self taught he enjoys passing his knowledge on to anyone who is keen to learn how to play drums. Simon is an IT professional Currently working as an administrator for a Church organisation. 
Frank Coburn-Guitar
Frank is a massive fan of the 60s music scene, including The Who and  The Rolling Stones. Frank says it was his dad who inspired him to ‘pick up his guitar and play’ and he aspires to be as Good as Mark Knopfler—he is on his way there! Previously a job centre manager, Frank now works in the church office at Christchurch
Martin Ryan
Martin (keys) has been playing piano since the age of 7 and keyboards for about 30 or so years. Martin is More of ‘Keys’ man than straight pianist loving playing with the effects that can be produced on his synth—you will hear some tonight.  He was inspired by the ‘60s generation that wore Afghan coats and flares. Martin was a Senior manager in the Crown Prosecution Service before retiring last year
Harry Ventham-(Vocal)  Harry is an ex professional musician who played bassoon in an orchestra. Realising that there wasn’t any opportunity to make it with the Imposters as a bassoonist, he turned his attention to piano and rhythm guitar. Tonight though he will be showcasing his vocal talents on the Mike and the Mechanics song. Since leaving the orchestra Harry has taken up a teaching role in a local primary school