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The Waterfools


The band leader is Jeremy Heath (commonly known as Jez) , the pastor of Caterham Baptist Church. He became a Christian at a young age on a youth camp and grew up attending a strongly evangelical Anglican Church in Lindfield. Married with two children, Jez divides his time between Church, his family, working for the local Water Company, climbing mountains, cycling down them and trying to remember the chords on his guitar.

Following on from their successful tour of both pubs in Upper Little Sodbury, The Waterfools temporarily disbanded at the start of the year in order to pursue their own musical projects. This led to the bass player successfully releasing yet another album ( Now that's what I call Tibetan throat warbling 3) and the multi talented guitarist and harmonica player securing a role in Harry Potter:The musical, as the second understudy for the part of Dobro the sliding elf. Both of their fans were mildly pleased to see the band reform for the Festival of Caterham, in a triumphant homecoming which garnered heaps of praise from no one whatsoever. The Waterfools continue to pursue musical excellence, on the basis that the best goals should be unachievable.